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What Imaging Means: What Is Imaging, Aims, and Types of Imagery

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The Meaning of Imaging Is

The Meaning of Imaging Is

Actually, what is meant by imaging? In general, the meaning of imaging is an attempt made to describe something or someone getting better or worse in the public eye.

The meaning of imaging can be defined as follows:

  • An attempt to accentuate the best image of someone or something in the public eye.
  • An attempt to prove one's existence in public.
  • Showing what is felt is so excessive that it does not match with the truth.

The term "imaging" is often used in politics and art. However, basically the term is used to describe that there are efforts or efforts made to describe something or someone to be better in public so that it can influence public opinion.

The Meaning of Imaging According to Experts

The word imaging comes from the basic word "image" where the word can have different meanings when used for different topics. The following explains what imaging is according to experts:

1. Huddleston

According to Huddleston (Buchari Alma, 2008: 55), the notion of image is a set of beliefs that is connected with an image that is owned or gained from experience.

2. Bill Canton

According to Bill Canton (S.Soemirat and Adrianto. E 2007: 111), the meaning of imaging is the impression, feeling, public image of the company; an impression intentionally created from an object, person or organization.

3. Philip Kotler

According to Philip Kotler (2009: 299), the meaning of imaging is a set of beliefs, ideas, and impressions that a person has of an object.

4. Frank Jefkins

According to Frank Jefkins (Soemirat and Adrianto, 2007: 114), the notion of an image is the impression of a person or individual about something that arises as a result of his knowledge and experience.

5. Suharta Abdul Manjid

According to Suharta Abdul Manjid (2009: 70), the notion of image is a picture formed in the community (consumers / customers) about the merits of the company.

Imaging Objectives

From the explanation above we know that imaging is any effort made to form or build a good opinion of something / someone / company in order to get attention and response in accordance with the aims and objectives. In a general sense, some imaging goals are as follows:

1. Predict Results

Imaging is done will help reasoning and problem solving, namely by providing the ability for someone to predict the outcome of an action. For example, someone who sees the contents of a messy house, he immediately understands how to tidy it up.

2. Reasoning of Abstract Concepts

With imaging, one can reason abstract concepts by visualizing symbols, for example diagrams or graphs about a thing.

3. Describe the situation

Imaging abilities can also help someone in giving verbal descriptions about something or someone.

4. Remind

Imaging can also be used to recall visual or spatial information. For example, someone who is trying to remember the dinner that was served last night.

5. Memorize Information

Through imaging, one can memorize information. For example, a person's memory will increase sharply when he visualizes various named objects as if the names of the objects interact.

6. Enhancing Ability

Imaging can also help a person to improve his ability by visualizing himself doing an action so as to direct it to the action.

7. Giving Ideas or Insights

Every image done by someone will remind him of an important insight, or give an idea.

Types of Imaging

Imaging can be divided into several types. Some types of imaging are as follows:

  • Vision image; namely imaging that arises because of the means of vision.
  • Hearing imaging; i.e. imaging that arises through the shadow of the hearing to arouse a certain atmosphere.
  • Olfactory imaging; namely imaging done through the sense of smell by painting abstract ideas into concrete.
  • A feeling image; that is, imagery arising through emotional stimulation to direct one's imagination as if the taste buds sense something.
  • Palpation images; that is, imaging that arises through palpation so that a person can feel as if touched or anything that involves the effectiveness of the senses of his skin.
  • Motion imagery; namely imaging that aims to make a picture more alive by painting something that is silent as if moving.

Thus a brief explanation of the meaning of imaging, goals, and several types of imaging done by humans. Hopefully this article is useful and broadens your horizons.

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