Thursday, February 27, 2020

How to see Competitor Backlinks and Create a Personal Backlink Database

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How to make Backlink
How to make Backlink

How to make baclink? This one question appears quite often when chatting. Now, so it's not complicated to rewrite every chat, I just make notes here.

By the way, this article is about how to search, see backlinks that are used by other websites, and collect backlinks to make a database. The goal is to be able to continue to be reused EVERY time we build a new blog.

Creating Your Own Backlink Database

Often see friends who build a blog from the start impressed confused when you backlinked, sometimes like 'pabaliut' and not structured.

It is better if we make our own backlink database, so that when I run it offpage, I don't want to go around anymore.

The easiest way to find a good backlink is by reverse engineering; peek backlinks have competitors or other web, choose a good, then collected as a personal database.

Tools and Materials:

  • Excel file / google sheets, keep notes
  • Ahrefs account (trial is also sufficient). I choose ahrefs because so far it's the best.

Step 1

Googling first with popular keywords in Indonesia, or micro niche keywords if you have an English blog. For example:

How to get rid of pimples (local)
Best hunting knive under 200 (outside)

Step 2

  • one by one check the blogs on page one into Ahrefs.
  • look from the Backlinks menu
  • filter using the one link menu per domain
  • sort by largest DR
  • and optional can choose the DoFollow only

Example: website ranking 1 in the keywords how to get rid of pimples when this notebook is made is:

From the Ahrefs data, usually the direct type of backlinks used on this website are already visible; PBN, web 2.0, guest post, natural link, 301 redirects, etc.

We check the list of backlinks one by one and collect websites that we can also make / save links there.

The website that I noted and collected on Excel;

  • Web 2.0 used by competitors / blogs.
  • Parasite pages / webs where we can make articles and save links too.
  • Forum where we can join and create threads.
  • PBN (private blog network) that our competitors use if any. This can later be made into a kind of standard; If you want to use PBN to win a competitor's position, at least the quality of the PBN that we use is the same, or better.

Optional: Also check in the platform menu if we want certain types of backlinks to be displayed. Example; Gov or EDU backlinks.

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