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How to get BACKLINK from Pinterest for FREE

How to get a free but quality Pinterest backlink, how easy you simply sign up or create an account on Pinterest – creating backlinks through Pinterest is important to do. Because, along with the growing popularity of social media today, it can also be utilized to attract many visitors or get a lot of Traffik that leads to our website/Blog. Not only that by linking blogs that are owned with various social media accounts turns out to have a very good impact on the SEO of which can increase the search engine confidence in the blog so the value of PA and DA blogs can also increase.

One of them is Pinterest, Pinterest is a social media that allows users to share content, images and videos. Widely used by almost all webmasters who plunge into the blogging world. Because, it is useful as a source of dofollow backlinks that have high page rank and can bring many Traffik.

Maybe some are wondering, why is Pinterest so good used to build backlinks? What is the reason?. The answer is because Pinterest has quality backlink characters, such as having high authority values, having plenty of pegunjunks, lean page rank, and much more.

How to get free quality backlinks from Pinterest

To create backlinks with Pinterest, we can do it in two ways. That is, through backlink profiles and posts.

A. Build Pinterest backlinks through Backlink profiles

  1. Click the person logo in the top right corner
  2. Select/Click the octagonal wheel image.
  3. Click the Profile menu, then enter the address of the website, blog, or web that you want to link to your Pinterest account in the website field. Then click Confirm website
  4. On the pop up menu that appears please take (copy) the given Meta code tag to verify the ownership of the blog. Do not shut down first.
  5. Then log in to the blogger account > > > Select the Theme menu > > > Edit HTML > > > Paspress the Pinterest verification code right under "<head>" > > > Click Save template.
  6. Once you're sure the code has been properly installed, access your Pinterest page click Finish. If you get a notification just ignore it. Straight Click Okay
  7. If the verification process of site ownership on Pinterest is successful then friends will see a notification next to the website that reads site confirmed. To be more clear see the image below.
  8. The last step click on Save Setting in the lower right corner.

Up to this stage now we're done linking and verifying the blog site on Pinterest and already getting one backlink.

B. Build Pinterest Backlinks with posts

To get more backlinks to the money site, we recommend that friends directly create a post on the Pinterest account that we just finished creating. How?

  1. The first step is to create a board (board), working to group the types of images we upload. The step is to click the (+) button and give it the name you want. If it can be relevant to our article keywords or web niche.
  2. Once the board is done, to start planting backlinks Please click the plus button below, select Save from a website. See the image below.
  3. Enter the URL of the article you want to give backlink injections to in the box provided. Complete with HTTP. 
  4. Click Next
  5. Select or search for the image by clicking on it, after which the friends will see how it looks and where the PIN will be published. Enter a short description right below the image, and try to contain some keywords that were shot. The last step is to have the image saved where, select the board you just created or you can also create a new board. And click Save. 
Finished. You just wait for the Google robot to crawl the URL/link that we have planted and get ready for a backlink. For a quickly created backlink to be indexed, it is preferable that you finish posting a submit Url or link to Google or using a free URL ping service that is spread over the internet.