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7 Destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year

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Christmas and New Year celebrations are like two inseparable days. This is possible because the location of the time between the two is not long. Usually people will take long leave to enjoy these two rare days which can only be enjoyed once a year. In addition to vacationing in the country there are some people who also vacation in destinations in Europe to celebrate Christmas and the new year.

So, it is natural that tourist destinations whether in the country or abroad suddenly become crowded when the end of the year. Even in some places, especially in blue land, Europe usually holds many events every Christmas and end of the year. Besides being the majority of Europeans are Christians, the climate of the continent is very suitable for Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year
Destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year

The Right Reasons to Choose Destinations in Europe to Celebrate Christmas and New Year
As already mentioned, the climate of mainland Europe is very supportive for the celebration of Christmas and the new year. Because Europe has a cold climate that is always synonymous with both celebrations, especially Christmas. So, it would be very suitable if you choose to spend your year-end vacation in countries in Europe.

In addition you can feel the winter at the end of the year, you will also feel the atmosphere of Christmas celebrations and new years typical of the style of the blue continent.

10 European Destinations to Celebrate Christmas and New Year

1. London

The city of London seems to be endless to amaze the tourists. As the center of government and state administration, London also has a myriad of tourist destinations that are okay to have. Call it the big ben tower which became an icon of the city of London. Then there is the Buckingham Palace, the legendary residence of the royal family.

However, specifically when the end of the year, residents of the city of London celebrate around the River Thames. Every end of the year, the city of London will turn into a brightly lit city, filled with sparkling colorful lights. New year celebration is more colorful with the Ferris wheel which is also an icon of the city of London.

Londoners, make the big ben clock tower a benchmark of time. The new year's celebration began when the big ben tower clashed loudly and then proceeded with a spectacular fireworks display for 10 minutes.

Besides fireworks shows, you can also visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Don't worry about your pocket, because you won't be charged entrance fees except for just a few rides.

Not only on December 30 alone, the celebration continued on January 1 with a new year's parade performance in the form of marching band cheerleaders, acrobatics, and others.

2. Paris

When you hear the city of Paris, the first thing you have in mind is the Eiffel Tower. With a height of more than 300 meters, this tower will be seen from a distance. As an iconic building of the city of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is also a place for New Year celebrations.

Towards the new year, the tower was transformed into a tower that is radiant and so romantic. It can even be more romantic than Paris itself. Uniquely, you just won't be able to enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel tower when you are nearby. One place that can be used to enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel tower is Champs-Elysees.

You can also enjoy the beauty of the tower from the boat while having dinner around the river Seine. For those of you who don't like crowds, you can visit Montamartre to be able to enjoy the fireworks display at the Eiffel tower.

While waiting for the fireworks attraction to start, you can try some food sold around the tower or you can also shop for fun at some fashion tourist attractions.

3. Vienna

You need to know, the city of Vienna is famous for its history and art which fascinates many people. As one of the famous cities in Austria, Vienna also has its own event to celebrate the new year. You need to know, the city of Vienna is famous for its history and art.

The main event held in this city is the New Year Eve’s Trail. In this event, several concerts and parties that you can enjoy. One of the favorites at this event is the concert. Various musical genres exist at this concert. Starting from rock, waltz, pop to classical. No need to worry about lagging behind the show, because this event has been started since 2 pm until midnight.

When the New Year's Eve approaches, a fireworks display will be held at the Universitatsring in the City Hall area.

4. Berlin

Aside from being a technology and automotive city, Germany also has a city that is very suitable for partying on New Year's Eve. When you visit Berlin at the end of the year, don't miss the new year's eve celebrations. The surrounding community calls it Party Mile.

As the name implies, Party Mile is held from Brandenburg Gate to Victoria Column. So that the length of this party reaches approximately 2 kilometers. Like a new year party in general, at Party Mile you can find a variety of food booths and concert stages and see laser shows.

What is unique about this party is the Silverteslauf tradition or pancake run which is held along the 6.3 km.

5. Malaga

As a city full of art and history, Malaga becomes one of the favorite tourist attractions when it is summer. Not only summer. In the winter when Christmas, Malaga turns into one of the favorite places to hunt for typical Christmas gifts.

6. Le Tuoquet

This coastal city of France is indeed not many people know. but worthy of being an option for those of you who want a vacation when Christmas. In winter you will find this city full of various kinds of beautiful Christmas trinkets.

7. Amsterdam

The city nicknamed "dam city" also turns out to have a new year's celebration that you should visit. Fireworks shows and music concerts are usually held at Leidseplein, Nieuwarkt, Dam square and Rembrantplein.

Christmas and New Year holidays you feel bored and that's it? You can try the above vacation options as a solution for your Christmas and New Year holidays.

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