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Christmas Preparations You Need to Know Before the Celebration Comes

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Christmas preparation is the main moment before the celebration arrives. Usually not a few people who take the time to buy some necessities, such as Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, to food for Christmas Eve dishes. All are prepared with joy and happiness. But not a few also have not prepared for the Christmas celebration because of confusion about what to prepare. As follows, there are some Christmas preparations that need to be known before the celebration.
Christmas Preparations
Christmas Preparations

1. Clean the house

The main thing when preparing for Christmas is cleaning the house. Make a new home arrangement, or if you have excess money you can buy a new property to change the atmosphere. Making the house cleaner and painting it is enough to welcome Christmas. In addition, by cleaning your house, it will make the christmas decoration process easier for you to do.

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2. Decorating the house

The next Christmas preparation is, decorate the house. In terms of home decoration, you can start from the outside appearance first. While it is still 7 days to Christmas, you can think of painting the outside of the house if necessary. In fact, you can insert flashing lights to the front door of the house or around the yard. That way, it will look more beautiful and add a warm impression before Christmas.

3. Prepare a Christmas Gift

Do not forget to prepare Christmas gifts for the family. You can buy special Christmas gifts as they wish. In fact, you can give other gifts that indeed describe your love for them. Especially for both parents, make sure you choose the right gift.

4. Christmas Food

You can serve a special Christmas food menu. Every region in Indonesia has a special menu that is usually served on Christmas Day. Like gore-gore in Southeast Sulawesi, yellow fish soup in Ambon, to pangi vegetables in Manado. Try to prepare a Christmas menu that is a mainstay of family cuisine.

5. Prepare the Christmas Cake

The next Christmas preparation is, preparing various kinds of Christmas cakes. In addition to large meals, Christmas Day is always synonymous with snacks. One of them is cake. Abroad, at this celebration there is always such a thing as "Gingerbread" or human-shaped gingerbread. You can try making it too, to be a snack at Christmas.

6. Prepare the Dress Code

Christmas will be crowded if you use a dress code that is adjusted to the mutual agreement. For example, using red on Christmas Eve and green when Christmas arrives. By using matching clothing colors, will add a different impression during the Christmas celebration.

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7. Make a Christmas Invitation

Don't forget to make a Christmas invitation to be given to a coworker or friend. With you inviting them, the Christmas celebration will be even more lively and fun. Make a small party at home by inviting a few coworkers to your home.

Those are some Christmas preparations that need to be known, before deciding to do something. Mainly cleaning the house, this is the first thing done. With the condition of a clean house, it will further add comfort for families and invited guests.

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