Saturday, February 29, 2020

5 Best Halloween Costume Inspirations You Must Try

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Entering the end of October, people will usually be busy preparing costumes for Halloween parties. Halloween party is identical with something scary. People will also be seen wearing various costumes that seem scary.
Best Halloween Costume Inspirations
Best Halloween Costume Inspirations

Although it is not native to Indonesian culture, Loopers can also come along to enliven the Halloween party. Surely it's fun to be able to express through unique costumes and make-up? Well, if Loopers are still confused about what costume to wear at the Halloween party later, it's better to continue the following info.

1. Pocong

Want to join a Halloween party but confused about what costume to wear? All that remains is a piece of white cloth and Loopers can join the party right away. Don't forget to add pale makeup with dark circles on the eyes to add a spooky impression. Watch out hard to walk!

2. Kuntilanak

In addition to Pocong, Loopers girls can also try kuntilanak-style at the Halloween party later. With spooky makeup, your long white overalls can look scary. Eits, don't forget your long hair. Let it be even scarier, increase the effect of blood on your body.

3. Sister

Want to look scary but also sexy at the same time? If so, Loopers can try wearing a nurse costume. The key to getting more sinister is the effect of blood on her face and her nurse's costume.

4. Zombies

Not just an Indonesian ghost, Loopers can also follow the trend of Halloween costumes abroad. One of the most popular is zombie style dressing. As zombies, Loopers don't need special costumes. Enough with ordinary clothes that look shabby and a bit tattered, you can already be called a zombie. Uh, don't forget to give blood on the face and body huh.

5. Dracula

Do you want to be a handsome dracula in the style of a Twilight character or a dracula that brakes? You can both try Loopers. Most importantly, don't forget to use fanged teeth and robes to make Dracula more visible.

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