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List of the Best Car Insurance and Tips for Choosing it

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Having a car as a private vehicle certainly makes you need to consider many things, including a variety of ways to maintain and care for it. This is very important to be your special attention, considering to get a car you have spent a significant amount of money.

Cars enter into assets that have high economic value, so it's only natural that you consider and make a separate budget for caring for them. This is certainly useful for maintaining the value of these assets remain in good condition and does not deteriorate due to damage and various other risks.

Using Car Insurance

Best Car Isurance
Car Isurance

One of the steps you can take to reduce the risk that you take on ownership of your car is to protect it with vehicle insurance. This will help you divert risks that could happen at any time to your car, such as:

The emergence of loss or damage to the vehicle / car itself.

Losses arising from obligations in the form of legal liability that must be fulfilled by the insured against a third party. What is meant by a third party in this case is a party / other person who suffered losses due to our actions as a driver, for example: a person who suffered a loss because we crashed his vehicle on the road.
Before choosing car insurance, it's certain you must know what exactly is the type of protection from the insurance itself. This will help you to be able to understand and get the maximum benefits in accordance with your hopes and desires for insurance protection itself. The following are the types of coverage provided by car insurance:

  • Combined (comprehensive)
    This insurance will provide insurance against losses arising from partial or total damage to the vehicle which basically occurs due to various risks that have been mentioned in the insurance policy.
  • Total Lost Only (TLO)
    This insurance will only provide a guarantee for loss (theft of the vehicle) or damage that reaches more than 75% due to various risks that have been mentioned in the policy. That way it can be concluded that TLO insurance will not provide guarantees for minor damage that occurs to your car.

On the best car insurance site, you can compare various types of TLO car insurance products and the best All Risk car insurance from reputable insurance companies in Indonesia so that you can get the best and cheapest car insurance premiums.

List of the Best Car Insurance

When you are going to buy something, then of course you want to get the best and this also applies when you are going to use an auto insurance. There are many insurance companies that provide this service, you can see a few below:

1. Sinarmas / Simasnet Car Insurance

Car Insurance Simasnet is a subsidiary of PT.Sinarmas Multi Artha Tbk. The company obtained a business license from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) on October 21, 2014. The objective of establishing Simasnet is to meet the needs of the public for car insurance services that can meet the needs of customers and prospective customers both offline and online.

2. Adira Autocillin Car Insurance

Adira Insurance is a part of the Danamon Group which is engaged in the general insurance business. While Adira Autocillin is a trademarked name for their car insurance. Adira Insurance was established on January 24, 2002 and has assets of Rp 4.9 trillion and capital of Rp 1.6 trillion until the end of 2015

3. MAG Car Insurance

Multi Artha Guna Insurance or better known as MAG insurance began operating since November 14, 1980. The company, which was initially engaged in general insurance, then began issuing health insurance products after working with RedShield Co.. Ltd., Singapore during the vulnerable period 1982-1983. Then, on December 23, 2005 MAG Insurance was listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange as a public company whose shares could be owned.

4. Malacca Car Insurance

PT Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance is an insurance company that was founded in 1952. This company used to have the name of PT Asuransi Wuwungan before changing its name to Malacca so that it could be considered as one of the oldest insurance companies in Indonesia that developed its business in various fields such as asset management, securities , finance, to general insurance. Since 2011 PT Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance began providing insurance services in Indonesia

5. ACA Car Insurance

PT Asuransi Central Asia (ACA) is a company engaged in general insurance in Indonesia. The company was established on August 29, 1956 under the name Oriental Insurance Airlines NV before on August 5, 1958 it changed its name to PT Asuransi Central Asia. Now ACA has been running for 58 years in Indonesia and already has 42 branch offices and 23 representatives spread across various major cities in Indonesia. ACA has a variety of mainstay products such as property insurance, car insurance, and micro insurance.

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