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Christmas and New Year celebrations are like two inseparable days. This is possible because the location of the time between the two is not long. Usually people will take long leave to enjoy these two rare days which can only be enjoyed once a year. In addition to vacationing in the country there are some people who also vacation in destinations in Europe to celebrate Christmas and the new year.

So, it is natural that tourist destinations whether in the country or abroad suddenly become crowded when the end of the year. Even in some places, especially in blue land, Europe usually holds many events every Christmas and end of the year. Besides being the majority of Europeans are Christians, the climate of the continent is very suitable for Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year
Destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year

The Right Reasons to Choose Destinations in Europe to Celebrate Christmas and New Year

As already mentioned, the climate of mainland Europe is very supportive for the celebration of Christmas and the new year. Because Europe has a cold climate that is always synonymous with both celebrations, especially Christmas. So, it would be very suitable if you choose to spend your year-end vacation in countries in Europe.

In addition you can feel the winter at the end of the year, you will also feel the atmosphere of Christmas celebrations and new years typical of the style of the blue continent.

10 European Destinations to Celebrate Christmas and New Year

1. London

The city of London seems to be endless to amaze the tourists. As the center of government and state administration, London also has a myriad of tourist destinations that are okay to have. Call it the big ben tower which became an icon of the city of London. Then there is the Buckingham Palace, the legendary residence of the royal family.

However, specifically when the end of the year, residents of the city of London celebrate around the River Thames. Every end of the year, the city of London will turn into a brightly lit city, filled with sparkling colorful lights. New year celebration is more colorful with the Ferris wheel which is also an icon of the city of London.

Londoners, make the big ben clock tower a benchmark of time. The new year's celebration began when the big ben tower clashed loudly and then proceeded with a spectacular fireworks display for 10 minutes.

Besides fireworks shows, you can also visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Don't worry about your pocket, because you won't be charged entrance fees except for just a few rides.

Not only on December 30 alone, the celebration continued on January 1 with a new year's parade performance in the form of marching band cheerleaders, acrobatics, and others.

2. Paris

When you hear the city of Paris, the first thing you have in mind is the Eiffel Tower. With a height of more than 300 meters, this tower will be seen from a distance. As an iconic building of the city of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is also a place for New Year celebrations.

Towards the new year, the tower was transformed into a tower that is radiant and so romantic. It can even be more romantic than Paris itself. Uniquely, you just won't be able to enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel tower when you are nearby. One place that can be used to enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel tower is Champs-Elysees.

You can also enjoy the beauty of the tower from the boat while having dinner around the river Seine. For those of you who don't like crowds, you can visit Montamartre to be able to enjoy the fireworks display at the Eiffel tower.

While waiting for the fireworks attraction to start, you can try some food sold around the tower or you can also shop for fun at some fashion tourist attractions.

3. Vienna

You need to know, the city of Vienna is famous for its history and art which fascinates many people. As one of the famous cities in Austria, Vienna also has its own event to celebrate the new year. You need to know, the city of Vienna is famous for its history and art.

The main event held in this city is the New Year Eve’s Trail. In this event, several concerts and parties that you can enjoy. One of the favorites at this event is the concert. Various musical genres exist at this concert. Starting from rock, waltz, pop to classical. No need to worry about lagging behind the show, because this event has been started since 2 pm until midnight.

When the New Year's Eve approaches, a fireworks display will be held at the Universitatsring in the City Hall area.

4. Berlin

Aside from being a technology and automotive city, Germany also has a city that is very suitable for partying on New Year's Eve. When you visit Berlin at the end of the year, don't miss the new year's eve celebrations. The surrounding community calls it Party Mile.

As the name implies, Party Mile is held from Brandenburg Gate to Victoria Column. So that the length of this party reaches approximately 2 kilometers. Like a new year party in general, at Party Mile you can find a variety of food booths and concert stages and see laser shows.

What is unique about this party is the Silverteslauf tradition or pancake run which is held along the 6.3 km.

5. Malaga

As a city full of art and history, Malaga becomes one of the favorite tourist attractions when it is summer. Not only summer. In the winter when Christmas, Malaga turns into one of the favorite places to hunt for typical Christmas gifts.

6. Le Tuoquet

This coastal city of France is indeed not many people know. but worthy of being an option for those of you who want a vacation when Christmas. In winter you will find this city full of various kinds of beautiful Christmas trinkets.

7. Amsterdam

The city nicknamed "dam city" also turns out to have a new year's celebration that you should visit. Fireworks shows and music concerts are usually held at Leidseplein, Nieuwarkt, Dam square and Rembrantplein.

Christmas and New Year holidays you feel bored and that's it? You can try the above vacation options as a solution for your Christmas and New Year holidays.

7 Destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year

List of best school anime from last year to 2020.

Maybe for discussion about anime genre list / approval and school nuance, some of them have been released before. But this time it's different because we summarize 12 school-nuanced anime but also closely with the spice of romance.
Best School Anime
Best School Anime

Because the romance genre is the best that can shake you, even make you nervous. Here it is our list or recommendation 12 Anime School - Best Romance.

12 Best School Romance Anime (2020 Update)

1. Tsuki Ga Kirei

In short, this anime tells about junior high school students who love and get married. This anime shows the story of Mizuno and Azumi who sit in grade 3 junior high school. When they are in the same class, they too get to know each other.

And they have relationships ranging from friends to eventually dislike each other. While on the other hand there are always problems that make their relationship disrupted.


This anime tells about Kaizaki Arata's reincarnation being a person who is easier 10 years from his original age. 27-year-old Kaizaki Arata and also unemployed. It all started when Arata met a man named Yoake Ryo, this person offered that Arata for the ReLIFE Project Experiment in return for Arata's financial fullness to be fully fulfilled.

Arata is then given a pill that will turn him into a 17 year old teenager and again. Then this is where it all starts, there is a regret when he returns to 10 years (the pill work period is over).

3. Sword Art Online

The Most Amazing Visual Ranking of Anime in History

This old anime is worth repeating repeatedly, because this anime offers many lessons and is also suitable to decorate your weekend. Seeing the story of the story of Kirito with the heroine heroine with various moments and stories that are different in the game dimension, making you feel real too.

This anime does not show action / for the background of the school it is only shown 40%, the article is that when they come home from school the students who enjoy the dimensions of sao will enter a different world from their place of origin.

4. AnoHana

This anime tells the story of the friendship of 6 friends who turn into ignorance because of a tragedy. The tragedy of the past is that one of them died as a result of an accident.

They blame each other and some blame themselves, until finally they disperse themselves. But apparently, the friend who died earlier came back as a ghost who initially could only be seen by 1 person.

In the end Menma made 5 friends get together and make friends again without any conflict and hostility. At the end of the section, Menma can be seen by all 5 of her best friends, a moment that makes scoffs.

5. Ao Haru Ride

It feels a little sad if you remember this anime, because the ending, in my opinion, does not make relief. This anime is mainly a romantic genre about Kou & Futaba, in their conflict there were friends from both of them who made them able to be good friends and solve problems with friendship.

Kou who likes to be alone because of problems at home, and his dead mother does not want to have many friends, and carelessly invites new friends again, but his friends try to turn you into a social creature and accept the situation.

6. Isshukan Friends

This anime is enough to make ngenes, where the character of a girl or girl named Kaori has a disorder and makes her forget her memories after a week. The point is that if you make friends for a week, then Kaori will forget everything.

7. Kyoukai No Kanata

Kyoukai No Kanata is an anime with a world where its contents are strange creatures and with various uniqueness, also no different from humans. In that world, many humans have superanatural powers. They are reunited and eventually undergo life conflict together.

8. Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso

Tells the story of Kousei Arima, an 11-year-old boy, who is talented in playing pianos. He becomes famous for winning the piano competition of Arima Saki, the mother of Kousei is famous as one of the great pianists.

Then he left his dream in the piano world to his only child, Arima Kousei. However, Saki educated Kousei harshly, it seemed to make the young Kousei somewhat depressed. When he met with Mizayono Kaori, he rose again and together went through his daily life with Kaori, until a surprising moment occurred (………………)

9. Kuzu No Honkai

Hello, if you know Hanna-chan, it means that you understand the difficulties and curse moments she experienced.

This anime does indeed show things that are quite extreme and dangerous for ages 17 and under, but according to dafunda otaku it is a natural thing he experienced, because the high school period is full of things like that. What I mean is a love story and a conflict of friendship.

10. Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi tells about the mysterious life story experienced by Fujinuma Satoru. Satoru was forced to lose his mother because he found the perpetrators of the murder of some of his student friends during elementary school.

When he saw that his mother had been stabbed to death, Satoru was accused and almost arrested by the police because he was allegedly the murderer of his own mother. When it happened a phenomenon that was completely unexpected, Satoru skipped over time and returned to the past. In the past he could see his mother again, and try to save friends who were victims of murder.

11. Kimi No Nawa

Tells about two people who were met by the leap of time and dimensions, quite strange and complicated to explain. Mitsuha Miyamizu And Taki Tachibana undergo the story in turns changing bodies with an indefinite time.

12. Sukkite I Nayo

This anime tells the story of a girl named Mai at school who experienced bad times such as bullying, mixed with a romance story that demonstrates the meaning of sincere affection.

That's 12 anime with genre / nuance of school flavored with romance story of female and male characters in it. Give your feedback and comments through the comments column.

12 Best Anime School Romance That Is Suitable For You Who Are Approaching

The Meaning of Imaging Is

The Meaning of Imaging Is

Actually, what is meant by imaging? In general, the meaning of imaging is an attempt made to describe something or someone getting better or worse in the public eye.

The meaning of imaging can be defined as follows:

  • An attempt to accentuate the best image of someone or something in the public eye.
  • An attempt to prove one's existence in public.
  • Showing what is felt is so excessive that it does not match with the truth.

The term "imaging" is often used in politics and art. However, basically the term is used to describe that there are efforts or efforts made to describe something or someone to be better in public so that it can influence public opinion.

The Meaning of Imaging According to Experts

The word imaging comes from the basic word "image" where the word can have different meanings when used for different topics. The following explains what imaging is according to experts:

1. Huddleston

According to Huddleston (Buchari Alma, 2008: 55), the notion of image is a set of beliefs that is connected with an image that is owned or gained from experience.

2. Bill Canton

According to Bill Canton (S.Soemirat and Adrianto. E 2007: 111), the meaning of imaging is the impression, feeling, public image of the company; an impression intentionally created from an object, person or organization.

3. Philip Kotler

According to Philip Kotler (2009: 299), the meaning of imaging is a set of beliefs, ideas, and impressions that a person has of an object.

4. Frank Jefkins

According to Frank Jefkins (Soemirat and Adrianto, 2007: 114), the notion of an image is the impression of a person or individual about something that arises as a result of his knowledge and experience.

5. Suharta Abdul Manjid

According to Suharta Abdul Manjid (2009: 70), the notion of image is a picture formed in the community (consumers / customers) about the merits of the company.

Imaging Objectives

From the explanation above we know that imaging is any effort made to form or build a good opinion of something / someone / company in order to get attention and response in accordance with the aims and objectives. In a general sense, some imaging goals are as follows:

1. Predict Results

Imaging is done will help reasoning and problem solving, namely by providing the ability for someone to predict the outcome of an action. For example, someone who sees the contents of a messy house, he immediately understands how to tidy it up.

2. Reasoning of Abstract Concepts

With imaging, one can reason abstract concepts by visualizing symbols, for example diagrams or graphs about a thing.

3. Describe the situation

Imaging abilities can also help someone in giving verbal descriptions about something or someone.

4. Remind

Imaging can also be used to recall visual or spatial information. For example, someone who is trying to remember the dinner that was served last night.

5. Memorize Information

Through imaging, one can memorize information. For example, a person's memory will increase sharply when he visualizes various named objects as if the names of the objects interact.

6. Enhancing Ability

Imaging can also help a person to improve his ability by visualizing himself doing an action so as to direct it to the action.

7. Giving Ideas or Insights

Every image done by someone will remind him of an important insight, or give an idea.

Types of Imaging

Imaging can be divided into several types. Some types of imaging are as follows:

  • Vision image; namely imaging that arises because of the means of vision.
  • Hearing imaging; i.e. imaging that arises through the shadow of the hearing to arouse a certain atmosphere.
  • Olfactory imaging; namely imaging done through the sense of smell by painting abstract ideas into concrete.
  • A feeling image; that is, imagery arising through emotional stimulation to direct one's imagination as if the taste buds sense something.
  • Palpation images; that is, imaging that arises through palpation so that a person can feel as if touched or anything that involves the effectiveness of the senses of his skin.
  • Motion imagery; namely imaging that aims to make a picture more alive by painting something that is silent as if moving.

Thus a brief explanation of the meaning of imaging, goals, and several types of imaging done by humans. Hopefully this article is useful and broadens your horizons.

What Imaging Means: What Is Imaging, Aims, and Types of Imagery

Personal Branding Components

Actually what is personal branding, what is the purpose, and how to do self-marketing?

The term "personal branding" is quite often used in efforts to form the image of a public figure, be it politicians, speakers, educational figures, business leaders, and others.

This article will briefly and clearly explain what personal branding means, the components of personal branding, self-marketing goals, and examples of successful personal branding.

What is Personal Branding

In general, the understanding of personal branding is an effort to promote oneself and one's career as a brand by forming a self-image so as to gain trust from the general public.

Another opinion says, personal branding is how someone introduces or is introduced himself to the general public.

So, personal branding can help someone to develop themselves and establish themselves as someone who has authority in a particular field or industry.

There are two types of personal branding, namely;

  1. Natural, the personal branding process that occurs naturally without the person realizing it.
  2. Artificial (by design), which is a personal branding process that is intentionally made with a specific purpose.

Personal Branding Components

Basically, personal branding aims to build one's reputation in certain fields so that they are considered to have authority in those fields.

After knowing what personal branding is, here are some important components that influence the process of self-marketing:

1. Main Components

  • Superior Value Every person has a superior value or strength in himself in a particular field. However, not infrequently there are people who do not realize the superior value in themselves so they can not bring up their personal branding.

    The easiest way to find out or bring out one's superior value is to practice consistently so that you can maximize your own potential.
  • Skill Each individual must have the skills, abilities, and strengths in himself in a particular field. In order for these skills to develop, one must focus on strengths rather than weaknesses.
  • Behavior
    Someone's behavior will provide support for every aspect that wants to be displayed in a person. In other words, if a person's behavior is positive then the result will be positive, and vice versa.

2. Supporting Components

  • AppearanceThere is a saying "don't judge a book by its cover". But in general, people will pay attention to someone's appearance because it is a representation of a person, whether he is a neat, simple, and so forth.

    So in the process of self-marketing, one's appearance is very important as an initial assessment.
  • Uniqueness
    Each individual has its own uniqueness that distinguishes it from others. In the process of self-marketing, this uniqueness is related to one's personality and expertise that is not possessed by others.
  • Self AuthenticityIn this case, the authenticity of one's own self is a unique original identity of a person. In the process of personal branding, a person must show his own authenticity, must not be made up.

Function and Purpose of Self-Marketing

Someone who does personal branding certainly there is something to be expected, for example, get trust from the public. Referring to its definition, here are some functions and objectives of self-marketing:

  1. Introducing and sharpening one's self-image to the general public, or what we know as imaging.
  2. Makes others easier to remember about a public figure and their area of ​​expertise.
  3. Building one's credibility in the eyes of the general public.
  4. Foster public trust in a public figure.

How to Build Personal Branding

After knowing what personal branding is, what its components are, as well as what their goals and benefits are, we also need to know how to build personal branding. The following are some steps that can be done in the personal branding process:

1. Knowing Yourself

Personal branding must reflect someone's personal and professional identity. One must make a SWOT analysis of himself in order to know his strengths and weaknesses.

Some questions that must be answered, for example;

  1. In what line of work can I excel?
  2. What is my motivation?
  3. What characteristics do other people like about me?

2. Determine What You Want to Recognize

Self marketing is done not just to show one's self-reflection, but also to describe one's goals in the future.

That is why someone who does personal branding must understand what their skills and competencies are, including knowing their personal strengths and weaknesses.

By doing this, someone will be different in the public eye. Someone who can imagine where he is in the next 5 or 10 years will be able to make the right steps in an effort to achieve it.

3. Determine the Audience

Personal branding by design generally targets the target audience you want to reach. The target audience can be a particular company or general public in certain industries.

For example, if someone wants to be known as an internet marketing speaker he must be able to reach out to business people online. That way, the person can make various efforts to promote themselves with more targeted.

4. Building Networking

Building a network or network is an inseparable part of personal branding. This process can be done in various ways, for example attending formal events or informal activities.

The greater the network that is built, one's personal branding will be more widely known. In addition, by routinely participating in various activities related to certain skills, one's career will further develop.

5. Ask for Recommendations

This recommendation can be from anyone, for example from coworkers, superiors, or from others who are still related to one's expertise.

Just like a seller who gets testimonials from consumers, recommendations from others can increase one's personal branding.

6. Build an Online Presence

Attendance on social media is proven to increase one's personal branding on the internet. But, of course it depends on what social media platform is used because not all social media can work effectively.

For example someone can explain their expertise in a particular industry on social media professionals like Linkedin.com, or an art worker explaining his expertise on Instagram.

The choice of social media platforms must be adjusted to the target audience you want to reach. That way, the personal branding process can run more optimally and effectively.

What is Personal Branding? Understanding and How to Build Personal Branding

Entering the end of October, people will usually be busy preparing costumes for Halloween parties. Halloween party is identical with something scary. People will also be seen wearing various costumes that seem scary.
Best Halloween Costume Inspirations
Best Halloween Costume Inspirations

Although it is not native to Indonesian culture, Loopers can also come along to enliven the Halloween party. Surely it's fun to be able to express through unique costumes and make-up? Well, if Loopers are still confused about what costume to wear at the Halloween party later, it's better to continue the following info.

1. Pocong

Want to join a Halloween party but confused about what costume to wear? All that remains is a piece of white cloth and Loopers can join the party right away. Don't forget to add pale makeup with dark circles on the eyes to add a spooky impression. Watch out hard to walk!

2. Kuntilanak

In addition to Pocong, Loopers girls can also try kuntilanak-style at the Halloween party later. With spooky makeup, your long white overalls can look scary. Eits, don't forget your long hair. Let it be even scarier, increase the effect of blood on your body.

3. Sister

Want to look scary but also sexy at the same time? If so, Loopers can try wearing a nurse costume. The key to getting more sinister is the effect of blood on her face and her nurse's costume.

4. Zombies

Not just an Indonesian ghost, Loopers can also follow the trend of Halloween costumes abroad. One of the most popular is zombie style dressing. As zombies, Loopers don't need special costumes. Enough with ordinary clothes that look shabby and a bit tattered, you can already be called a zombie. Uh, don't forget to give blood on the face and body huh.

5. Dracula

Do you want to be a handsome dracula in the style of a Twilight character or a dracula that brakes? You can both try Loopers. Most importantly, don't forget to use fanged teeth and robes to make Dracula more visible.

5 Best Halloween Costume Inspirations You Must Try

Collection of words of merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Wishes
Merry Christmas Wishes

Christmas Quotes 1

Christmas is a time to share your heart with love and affection. Christmas is a time to give and receive blessings. It's time for us to be happy, because our savior is born. Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year.

Christmas Quotes 2

Every moment of the day has its own meaning and value. Morning brings hope, afternoon brings faith. Evening brings love, night brings peace. Hopefully everything is in you. Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year.

Christmas Quotes 3

May the peace and happiness of Christmas be with us this new year. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Quotes 4

Christmas is a time when someone's past is forgotten, and his presence today is remembered. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Quotes 5

Christmas is a time to share your heart with love and affection.
Christmas is a time of giving and receiving blessings.
It's time we are happy, because our savior is born.
Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year.

Christmas Quotes 6

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, good luck always. May the Light of Christmas will stay in our hearts and be a light to the family. As well as fellow. Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year

Christmas Quotes 7

Christmas is proof of God's love for us.
Have we received the love and salvation that Jesus provided?
Christmas greetings.

Christmas Quotes 8

Christmas is every day to share, love and love. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Top 8 Merry Christmas Wishes

About Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance) is a type of insurance that is intended to provide protection while you are traveling. Travel insurance (travel insurance) does not enter into the type of insurance that must be owned. This insurance is preferred for those of you who really like to travel well out of town to overseas and its function is only to protect when going to travel alone.

But lately travel insurance products are quite popular among the people and its nature is more flexible than other types of insurance making many people also have a travel insurance product. Especially those who like traveling and whose work does require routine trips to several places. Vacationing is an activity that everyone likes, especially for those who have a busy schedule of activities every day. For busy people, vacation time must be used exclusively and of high quality. Some people choose to travel abroad to fill their vacation time.

Before going on a vacation trip, usually we will prepare some important preparations such as leave permission, booking airplane tickets and lodging, checking passport and visa readiness, and registering travel insurance. Travel insurance is used for emergency purposes when when traveling abroad, things happen that are not desirable for you. This insurance is very important to consider before traveling abroad so that your trip is comfortable and not anxious.

Why Must Have Travel Insurance?

Many countries have obliged their tourists to have travel insurance. If you don't have it, tourists will not be allowed in.

For example, countries in Europe and even Asia that have enacted the rules required to have travel insurance when going to visit their country. So if you want your trip to be comfortable, smooth and protected then being registered as a travel insurance owner is certainly highly recommended.

What are the Best Travel Insurance Providers in Indonesia?

Here are some lists of insurance companies that provide travel insurance or the best travel insurance in Indonesia:

  • ACA Travel Insurance.
  • AXA Travel Insurance.
  • Zurich Travel Insurance.
  • AIG Travel Insurance.
  • Travel Insurance Chubb.
  • Travel Insurance Simas Insurtech.
  • Adira Travellin Travel Insurance.
  • MSIG Travel Insurance.

What is Family Travel Insurance and is the Price Cheaper?

Family travel insurance when viewed from the type included in the group travel insurance. This type of travel insurance will protect your trip and your family for domestic or international travel. Just like other travel insurance, travel insurance for this family also covers medical costs in the event of an accident while traveling, compensation when the trip is canceled out of power, replacement money for lost items and death money.

Another advantage of buying travel insurance for your family at the same time is the price is cheaper because you only need to buy 1 insurance policy but can protect all family members who will be involved in travel. Travel insurance for families can be purchased by 2 adults over the age of 18 or for one family at a time, consisting of father, mother and child (maximum of 3 children owned).

What is a Schengen Visa and Schengen Travel Insurance?

Schengen visa is a visa that is intended for countries in Europe. For those of you who want to travel to European countries, you must have a Schengen visa. Having a Schengen visa will make it easier for you to travel to several countries in Europe at once.

By having a Schegen visa you can still travel to European countries even though your passport is still empty without any history of traveling abroad beforehand. Travel Insurance for Schengen visas is mandatory for Schengen visa holders. Schengen visa travel insurance can protect you from various travel risks such as medical costs, lost goods, flight delays to the issue of terror and crime in the country visited.

The following are the conditions that must be met in order to apply for a Schengen visa:

Schengen Visa Application Form: This form can be obtained from any counter of the embassy office where the country of destination is. You can also download directly from the embassy's official website.
  • Passport Photos: Requirements for a passport size for a Schengen visa are 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm against a white background, wear formal clothing, don't wear a head covering and make sure your ears are visible in the photo.
  • Passport: Prepare the original passport and a photocopy with the stamp with a minimum validity limit of 90 days (3 months) after the validity of the requested visa with at least 2 blank visa pages. This is important because visa stickers will be affixed.
  • Travel Insurance: Having a Schengen visa is required to have travel insurance. There are many travel insurance types that provide travel insurance for Schengen visas.
  • Financial Proof: Include financial proof, where this proof is in the form of a checking account with a term of 3 months. You can print it and then legalized by the relevant bank. Your financial balance must comply with the minimum balance requirements set by the embassy office.
  • Proof of Flight Ticket Reservations: In traveling, of course you need a ticket. This flight ticket reservation is one of the requirements for applying for an attached Schengen visa. This flight ticket reservation must be according to the commute schedule.
  • Proof of Booking a Lodging: This can be obtained from the data of lodging bookings via your online. In addition to proof of lodging reservations, if during the stay in Europe will stay or stay temporarily at the home of a relative or friend, must attach proof of ownership or contract of residence, original certificate from the local mayor, a statement from the invitee whose contents how long will stay in his house starting from what date will stay until what date will leave the place, a guarantee letter back to Indonesia and a photocopy of KTP as well as proof of inviter tax payment.
  • Job Certificate: This requirement is needed to prove that you are bound to work in your country of origin and do not have a purpose to escape to another country either for reasons of seeking work or becoming an illegal immigrant. If you are an entrepreneur, you must include a SIUP or professional permit according to your field.
  • Itinerary: This is to indicate which countries you will visit, which cities you will visit, from what date to what date you will be long in which country, and so on. Itinerary must be written in as much detail as possible

Tips for Choosing Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance)

Knowledge of travel insurance is absolutely necessary, before you choose a travel insurance product, there are at least three things that need to be considered as the following description:

Understand the Amount of Protection Provided by Travel Insurance: As a travel insurance customer, you must examine in detail what things are covered. Often there are overlapping conditions, aka double protection of some insurance you have, while the insured is the same. Do not buy insurance premiums that are the same as the premiums already owned.

  • We take the example, you can just buy travel insurance that covers loss of goods because it already has life insurance before rather than buying 2 products with the same protection.
  • Understand Your Travel Insurance Protection Time: Ideally you should choose travel insurance in accordance with the length of time to travel, considering that travel insurance will usually only bear the risk when traveling. Do not let you lose the excess premium due to have returned home but the premium you pay turns out to be for the insurance period exceeds the trip.
  • Area of ​​Protection: Travel with high risk usually cannot be protected by travel insurance. For example extreme sports, wild tourism, or to places that are considered dangerous such as conflict areas. For extreme activities insurance companies usually will set additional premiums outside of travel insurance premiums in general.
  • Insured Health Conditions: Understand that each insured has a history of illness and in general insurance companies do not cover pre-existing health conditions. You should be honest, even if at first glance it seems beneficial to hide the health conditions that have been experienced before, when a claim occurs, you could be rejected.

Insurance companies will usually ask for a detailed medical history that would result in a claim being rejected, if you find out lying. To avoid this, it is strongly recommended that you disclose all health details at an early stage so that you don't experience a rejected claim.

Meaning Online Travel Insurance